Application guide

CCPS mainly enrolls high school students from Grade one to Grade three of high school (10 to 12 grades). If students can meet the following conditions, they can apply to be a member of CCPS student.

? Candidates will be expected to love music and art and be willing to regards music as their dreams and try their best to chase them;

? Candidates need to be sound in body and mind and have the awareness and independence to be willing to share their thoughts and ideas;

? Candidates must have finished their ninth year of compulsory education and received good grades;

? Candidates should pass the entrance assessment examination, English and specialized courses included, and have passed the ten-week probation period. If the grades of specialized courses cannot meet the requirements of the application class, the students will have to spend a semester on preparatory courses. They must pass the exam of their preparatory courses and then take part in the assessment examination.

At the same time, we hope that parents and guardians of students can meet the following requirements:

? Approve of the educational ideas of our school, understand and support the designs and activities conducted by us to promote students’ growth.

? Follow the rules and regulations of the school, cooperate with us to finish teachings and be responsible for students after school.

? Supervise and urge students to finish the application, have a good understanding of the application process and accompany students to take part in the interview.